While I was waiting to get my vaccine, there was a constant stream of people checking out the shelf of products marked “[will] help you sleep better.” I thought that was interesting in the context of my two posts from this morning.

“Dark mode” for this site has been one of those things on my todo list for a while. The in-development theme I’m working on has been built from the ground up to support it through the use of media queries and CSS custom properties — but I hadn’t actually implemented it. After a nudge from reading this post by Jeremy I’ve finally implemented something to try out:

In progress theme in ’dark mode’

For now I’m borrowing Jeremy’s colours, but I’m planning to tweak these as the design evolves.

My local grocery store has started to sell its own-brand plant-based burgers. I really want to try them, but I’ll have to wait until I’m on an “off keto” cycle, as they’re relatively high in carbs. It’s amazing and encouraging how quickly the newer plant-based “meat alternatives” are becoming mainstream.

YouTube’s iOS app keeps showing me this same advert for a repugnant right-wing “political” group every time I open the app, despite me taking all of the possible steps to ask for it not to be shown:

  • Blocked the source page in YouTube
  • Repeatedly said I don’t want to see the ad
  • Given feedback that the the ad is repetitive/inappropriate/not relevant on multiple occasions (it falls into all 3 categories IMO). It would be great if there was also an option to report as “misleading,” but alas…

I’m really at a loss as to what else I can do to stop having this shoved down my throat whenever I use the app. Thankfully ads don’t get shown in the tvOS app timeline, yet, so it’s limited to my phone – but I’m sure I read somewhere recently they’re already testing some changes around showing ad units in the TV app.

This advert is pretty mild, even if it is scaremongering and misleading, but the next one YouTube decides I must see might not be.