I mentioned over on Micro.blog that I’d managed to get a workable edit/commit/push workflow on my iPad. Naturally, I’m now considering a keyboard to complete the setup.

Does anyone have any recommendations for a good keyboard to use with a 9.7” iPad Pro?

The last time I had a similar setup, I used an Apple Wireless Keyboard (in an Origami case/stand) as the Bluetooth keyboard + case combos available at the time all felt horrible to type on. I do have a spare ultra-compact mechanical keyboard I could try with a USB adapter, but thinking more about it, that’s probably not going to work well when I don’t have a table to work on.

So, if anyone has any suggestions, I’d love to hear them!

Thinking about it… it might be time to get a new keyboard for this iPad. I’ve not had one since my old Apple Wireless Keyboard + iPad 2 combo, so it’s been a while. I have a spare 60% sized mechanical keyboard, so if I can get hold of a Lightning -> USB adapter, I could possibly use that…

Does anyone have any suggestions for a good iPad keyboard?

I just edited a bunch of WordPress theme files, committed them to Git, then pushed them to a remote repo… from my iPad. Not major edits (yet), but it’s a start.

I might manage to get more done this weekend than I first thought 😬

Pinboard on Twitter (Twitter)
“Google's June filing for political donations is up, and surprisingly, the $203K the company donated to politicians substantially aligns with its stated values of inclusion and respect for employees from all backgrounds. LOL, I'm just messing with you. Let's go through the worst:”

I managed to work a little on Saorsa this evening, for the first time in a while. Mostly working on the markup of the comments, and adding little accessibility and microformat improvements where I can. I’m really trying not to put arbitrary timelines on things, but I’d like to have the skeleton HTML mostly locked down in time for IndieWeb Summit 2019. Whether that’s achievable will be determined by how much more I can get done over the weekend.

That awkward moment when – while merely throwing around ideas for a project – you realise you’re at £100 in 3D-printed parts before even buying a single miniature to go with those parts… 🤔

I had [the cold shower](https://micro.kpw.fyi/2019/06/19/cold-showers.html) this morning. It was… fine. Bloody, shockingly, _freezing_, so my shower was much quicker than normal! When I came out of the shower I did feel pretty good – I definitely felt the warming “glow” mentioned in yesterday’s article. I’m sure I’ll acclimate to the cold in a couple of days 🥶

Quick update on my Contrast GSC… I’ve mainly the black and metal areas still to do, plus pouches,etc. I’m currently sitting at ~8.5h in total, across 54 models. Which, if my maths is right, equates to less than 10min per model 😳

I’ve ran out of space for paints, so I got this handy corner paint rack. Some assembly required, but it was nice and straightforward. I’ve spent more time blogging it than making it 😂

A small “woodworking” project as something different to work on tonight. This rack will hold 34 pots of paint, which is conveniently the size of the Contrast range (excluding Medium and Base paints). I’ll finally have space to take them all out of the bag!