Marco has updated my favourite iOS podcast app, Overcast, to version 5, which brings a whole host of new features and improvements.

I’d actually  switched away from Overcast for the last few months, as I knew Podcasts were being added natively to WatchOS 5, and figured I better get used to using the Apple app ahead of time. Thankfully, WatchOS 5 added enough extra plumbing under the hood that Overcast could offer many of the features I was looking for on my Watch, so this turned out to be a whole lot of time lost on my part (literally, given Overcast’s “Smart Speed” feature…)

If, like me, you tried to activate your LTE-enabled Apple Watch Series 3 on Vodafone UK, immediately after upgrading to WatchOS 5, you’ll have been met with a bunch of errors. It turns out that Friday 21st September is the day that everything gets switched on at the Vodafone end to allow you to sign up. No word yet on pricing.

I ended up saying “holy shit” during the Apple iPhone event way more than I expected. Nearly all of it on stuff most consumers aren’t going to care about…

Armies on Parade – Painting Update 2

The first batch of Primaris Space Marines are just about finished, with just a few details and the decals to finish before basing.

One of the choices I had to make was what secondary colours to use for contrasting and spot colours. The main armour is fairly monochromatic, being essentially black and bone-white. The main contrast would come from the gun casing, for which I chose a fairly bright orange. Orange isn’t a colour often seen on Space Marines, so this in itself helps the models stand out. To offset this, purple was added as a spot colour, used  on lenses and purity seals.

I decided these marines would be from the 3rd Company, so red was also added to the palette. Each marine  will get a red trim added to one knee (still to do), and the shield of the Ancient was painted red to match this.

The Lieutenant was given some basic freehand on his tilt-shield, also integrating the red of the company. I’m not happy with the blade of the scythe, so I plan to repaint it.

The Intercessors finally received their helmets. Once the shoulder pads are added, I think these will look quite intimidating on the tabletop!

With the first batch nearing completion, I needed to start preparing the next wave! Needing a break from Intercessors, I decided to build something fun – a Redemptor Dreadnought. This kit was a joy to build, going together in just a few hours. Many of the parts are designed to remain unglued, so they can be reposed. I didn’t bother with this, as it would make things more difficult to paint. A couple of parts are unglued for now so I can paint them seperately.

With the Dreadnought assembled quicker than I thought it would be, I moved on to some Hellblasters. I have to admit I think I prefer this kit to the Intercessors. I might swap some of the bodies around between the two kits.

With these built, I just need to build five more Intercessors and I’ll have everything for Armies on Parade assembled. I might make these from the models found in the 40K starter sets, to add some variety. My plan for the wider army is for each ten-man Intercessor Squad to be half multi-part kit, half “easy to build,” so there is a better mix of poses throughout.

The Lord of the Rings: Arwen

Similar to my Lord of Blights, this is a “catch-up post” for a model I painted earlier this year.

Arwen was painted for the same competition, and she won her category (LotR Single Figure). This was my first time painting a GW Lord of the Rings miniature, and the different scale sure caused a challenge! I ended up stripping the paint off the model and restarting, no less than three times. In the end it was worth it. Not everything turned out how I planned it, but I’m still proud of the end result.

Next year I’ll be painting Tauriel for the same category – it’ll be interesting to see the differences in experience between painting a modern plastic and an old metal cast.