I’ve been experimenting with using Python to generate text-based data for an experimental spin-off app from our team at work, and for my first “real world” use of Python, I’m pretty impressed with how efficient it is for doing this.

I’ve got a simple script iterating over a collection of strings to produce all possible combinations of those strings. The output of that script is being fed into a text file via Bash. So far it’s generating ~52GB of data in roughly 15 minutes, and it’s only part-way through the possible combinations. I’ve had to kill my test run because otherwise I’m going to run out of disk space on my laptop SSD! CPU usage was a moderate 26%, and RAM usage was tiny, at only ~2.8MB. Previous attempts at this using other languages tended to saturate one or both of these resources in fairly short order.

It’s fun to try out a new (to me) tool every now and then!

I’ve seen a lot about What3Words this week, but I haven’t seen much in the way of a look into their privacy practices and data collection. I’ve no doubt the concept is cool and useful, but I’m too wary of all location-based apps these days to buy in to the hype.

I had hoped to use my lunch break to prep and spray primer a few more test pieces for practicing painting white, but it’s a typical very cold, wet, Scottish summer’s day, so that’s not going to happen 😐🌧

While I was on the server to update the certbot configuration, I finally finished implementing the redirect to webp images I started adding last month. These should start coming through once browser caches of the original images expire. From a random sample the webp images are around 40% smaller than the source (compressed) jpeg files.

So I think that’s everything moved off of Cloudflare now. I’m going to leave the domains in the CF dashboard for a couple of days, so I can be sure DNS is working right, then I’ll start deleting them.

It’s pre-8am, and I’m working from home, so I’ve used what would have been my commute time to progress my Cloudlflare migration. All the DNS records are in place now. I’m just waiting on name servers to switch over. While that’s ongoing I’m updating all my certbot settings, and that should be everything of mine moved off of Cloudflare, at last.