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  • 2019
    • I need to take a break from the merry-go-round of mf2/parser compatibility. I excitedly thought it was fixed. But it wasn’t. I’ve made some further changes, and it might be fixed, but there’s a good chance it’s still broken in some obscure way… IndieWebify.me refuses to recognise my Like and Bookmark posts properly, even though […]
    • If you have to ask, then you already know ?
    • Last time I exported from a WordPress site, pages were included – you can either export them separately, or as part of “all content” – but it’s definitely good to have a manual backup, just in case! I definitely feel your frustrations with IndieWeb on WordPress. I’ve had so much trouble and spent so much […]
    • Oh, hey – I just noticed the beta rules for using Forge World’s Adeptus Custodes units in Warhammer 40,000 have been updated to include *all* of the units, not just the 3-4 that were in the first draft: https://www.forgeworld.co.uk/resources/fw_site/fw_pdfs/Warhammer_40000/Forgeworld_Custodes_Datasheets.pdf ?
    • This is my team… very much still WIP, despite these pictures being a few months old ?‍♂️
    • Thanks for letting me know it didn’t come through correctly, and especially thank you for taking a look at what might be wrong. That was very kind of you, and a big help! Every time I think I have the structure right on the microformats, something comes along to show me I’m not there yet… […]
    • The Bloodied Rose While I was picking up my order of Celestine, I made sure to grab The Bloodied Rose, by @Danacea Shared to IndieWeb.xyz
    • Unboxing “Celestine” by Andy Clark Time to take a look at my lovely limited edition copy of Andy Clark’s Celestine! The packaging and presentation of the book is definitely very nice. Hopefully I can get stuck into the story later this evening! Shared to IndieWeb.xyz
    • “K” Theme MF2 Markup Update (Skip to the end for the TL;DR summary) After an evening of debugging and rewriting sections of the HTML in “K”, I think I’ve fixed the markup and parsing issues I mentioned yesterday. It turns out that X-Ray, the parsing engine used by IndieNews, Aperture, and probably others, was only finding the sidebar h-card in […]

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