I’m starting to pull together a theme based on the changes I was thinking about a few days ago. It’s nothing “earth-shattering” or revolutionary, but it fits where my mindset is right now.

I need to think carefully about how I handle Post Kinds, like Bookmarks and Likes… these have had such divergent ways of formatting over the years that there’s probably no one-size-fits-all approach I can take. So far I’ve managed to keep everything IndieWeb-compatible too, with h-feed, h-entry, h-card, and other building-block microformats working more-or-less as they do now (as far as I’ve tested with X-Ray, Parse This, Indiewebify, etc).

Layout is being handled by Flexbox for the moment. This article has continued to be invaluable. I could/should switch to CSS Grid for the final version, but I haven’t yet. So far only the content has been worked on. I still need to figure out the header/footer/secondary information.

If I can get a good run at things, I should have the theme finished some time in November. October is unlikely, as my evenings are fully-booked until at least the 19th.

My partner made some “keto chocolate brownies” that have no sugar or flour and the like in them. Despite what you’d think, they were actually pretty good – the moisture and density were on point. The flavour was of very strong cocoa, verging on that of 90% chocolate, so they’re not going to be to everyone’s taste. My partner didn’t like the results, but I did, so I guess that means more for me! 😁

The new tenants in the office opposite ours have been building a single IKEA shelving unit for the last 3 hours. I considered offering my help as I’ve put together so many of them I can put together most standard IKEA units inside of an hour. But they seemed to be getting a bit heated, so I won’t poke the bear.

I’m working on a legacy app which still needs to support IE11. There’s one screen (a search window in a pop-up) which intermittently triggers the XSS filter, depending on values in the URL — despite everything being encoded properly. When this happens the entire screen is prevented from drawing. It’s driving me mad, and to top it off, once it triggers it starts triggering on values which didn’t previously cause the XSS filter to fire.

Edit to add: turning off the XSS filter by setting the header is not allowed.

Apologies if you got/get a webmention from my dev site – I just refreshed it with some more recent content, so I could see how things were looking with a wider variety of posts.

Today is off to a great start already. The main corporate network seems to be down. I’d connect to another network and remote in… but I’ve forgotten my work phone, which has the security token app required for the VPN. Classic Monday.

I’ve been thinking quite a bit about my blog’s format today. My current thought is to do something similar to Scripting.com, i.e. grouping entries by day. The vast majority of what I post is short format, so this should work pretty well.

One bit I haven’t decided on yet is if entries in a particular day will be listed newest at the top, or oldest. Oldest at the top would essentially present each day like a single entry, just from multiple small posts. The inspiration behind a lot of this is to try and marry the best of both microblogging and a traditional “web journal.”

Of course, these are all half-formed thoughts and ideas right now, so might end up different during implementation. And any changes along these lines wouldn’t mean anything to anyone who only reads the blog through some form of reader 🙃

The race to the bottom by Seth Godin (Seth's Blog)
The race for cheap, unearned attention is a race that can’t be won. As soon as someone gains the lead, someone else will lower their standards and take a shortcut to get even more. The players have already surrendered their self-esteem, so it’s simply an escalating hijack of trust.
Amna on Twitter (Twitter)
“we live in time where calling a person who is literally being racist, a racist, is somehow more offensive than the actual racism and the BBC keeps insisting on equating the two as if they are somehow even close to the same thing... https://t.co/1IkiZNA4i5”