What the crowd made of Apple's $1000 monitor stand (Boing Boing)
What the crowd made of Apple's $1000 monitor stand,Apple announced the long-awaited modular Mac Pro yesterday. It’s expensive, starting at $5000, but the faithful wanted some truly pro equipment and they got it. Even the 6k monitor to go with…

I thought I heard a gasp/incredulous laugh from the crowd when the monitor stand price was revealed… I’m glad I’m not the only one who picked up on it! As good as the monitor might be, having the monitor stand cost a grand – or even the $200 for a freaking VESA mount adapter – is probably going to transform it into a meme.

Yeah, I’m OK with this too.

One thing that seems to be getting glossed over in the linked thread – it’s only mandatory to include the option, if the app offers other third-party logins. If you have your own login system then you do not have to add anything. That… seems reasonable?

Went in and picked what I’m going to be doing for @warhammeraberdeenofficial’s Path to Glory and Summer of Hobby. Now I just need to wait on those Contrast paints to be released!