Unboxing “The Solar War” by John French

Quoting: A Century Ago We Killed The Radio Commons; Don't Let The EU Do That To The Internet

“The very structure of Article 13 makes this clear. The demand that everything must be “licensed” on internet platforms makes no sense. Do you “license” content in order to communicate with your friends? Do you license a song to sing? Do you license it when you quote from a book? Licensing is not necessary for communication — it is only necessary for “broadcast.” This is the core problem that the legacy gatekeepers have with the internet. It’s a communications medium, and they come from the broadcast era. Their entire structure is built off of licensing to broadcasters. And rather than recognize that everything has changed, their only play is to try to shove the internet into a similar broadcast structure. “

It always excites me when I see small sparks of life from long dormant blogs showing up in my feed reader. Often they’re fleeting, but every now and then the author rediscovers the joy of posting on their own space and it becomes a rebirth.