Quick update on my Contrast GSC… I’ve mainly the black and metal areas still to do, plus pouches,etc. I’m currently sitting at ~8.5h in total, across 54 models. Which, if my maths is right, equates to less than 10min per model 😳

I’ve ran out of space for paints, so I got this handy corner paint rack. Some assembly required, but it was nice and straightforward. I’ve spent more time blogging it than making it 😂

A small “woodworking” project as something different to work on tonight. This rack will hold 34 pots of paint, which is conveniently the size of the Contrast range (excluding Medium and Base paints). I’ll finally have space to take them all out of the bag!

From Following Posts and Blogrolls (Following Pages) with OPML to Microsub Servers and Readers (BoffoSocko)
Continuing to extend the pathway from easily following websites to having them in your social reader.

Thanks for consolidating this in one place, Chris. I caught snippets of the series and conversation between you and Ton in my Reader, but didn’t go back to search out everything. Now I have a concise place to go to when I have some time to read everything 😃

For my own part, my Links page is powered by the old WordPress Links Manager. I had no idea that had an OPML import function – that would have saved me hours of manual entry! I also didn’t know it could generate an OPML file for import elsewhere. “Today I Learned.”

In the last couple of weeks I’ve thought about creating a special page on my site to aggregate all of my Bookmark-type posts into one place. Similarly, I could create a custom “Kind” for Following, and aggregate those in a single place. Neither option would have their own automatic OPML file, but using a Kind does allow for a specific Feed for each type. It would allow for the full range of post meta to be added to each type too. The Post Kinds plug-in generates archives for each Kind, but I’m thinking a custom page would allow me to play with the presentation a bit more.

It’s something for me to experiment with at the least!

Step 4 - Sending Webmentions using Webmention.app and IFTTT (#IndieWeb Textpattern)
We’ve previously enabled our site to receive Webmentions, but what can we do about sending Webmentions to other sites? Much like we use Webmention.io to handle receiving Webmentions, we’re going to use Webmention.app to handle the sending. And the best bit is, we don’t need to make any modifications to our site!

I’ve added a new article to TextPattern which covers integrating with Remy’s new Webmention.app service to enable sending of Webmentions for sites which don’t have that capability natively.

> [I Took A Freezing-Cold Shower Every Morning For A Month & This Is What Happened – Refinery29 UK] (https://apple.news/A90rz9h9KSYCd330RYqpOsw)

Around 7-8 years ago I used to have a cold shower, nearly every morning for about 2 years, and I felt _great_ during that time – possibly the healthiest and most energetic I can remember being. I think it was something I picked up from a [Tim Ferris](http://www.timferriss.com/) book and decided to try. My shower method was slightly different than the one given in the article:

* start the shower as normal (hot), and step in
* while lathering up, stop the shower
* once lathered, switch the shower to cold, turn it back on, and rinse.

This method doesn’t work in my current home as the shower works very differently and doesn’t offer the same level of control. I guess I could suck it up and just start with cold?

In fact, that’s one to try tomorrow 🥶

Dumbest 'Gotcha' Story Of The Week: Google, Genius And The Copying Of Licensed Lyrics (Techdirt.)
You may have seen this story in various forms over the weekend, starting with a big Wall Street Journal article (paywall likely) claiming that Genius caught Google "red handed" in copying lyrics from its site.

There’s a separate issue here worth noting as well: all of this demonstrates just how idiotic the whole “licensing of lyrics” business is — considering that what everyone here is admitting is that even when they license lyrics, they’re making it up much of the time. Specifically, what people are noting is that they license lyrics from the publishers, but the publishers themselves rarely even have or know the lyrics they’re licensing, so lyrics sites try to figure them out themselves and “create” the lyrics file which may or may not be accurate.

But… if the publishers don’t even know they lyrics they’re licensing, then what the fuck are they licensing in the first place? The right to try to decipher the lyrics that they supposedly hold a copyright on? Really?


Last week I was asked to write an integration guide for a piece of software as a high priority. Wrote 8500 words of _thorough_ documentation in 3 days, and sent it off to the integrator. Then I came back from vacation to debug their install and found they didn’t read most of it 🤔