Andy Bell on Twitter (Twitter)
“Hey pals 👋, Medium appears to be rightly getting a day of bad press and you might be thinking about publishing your writing elsewhere. I’ve got your back. I made, so you can have a self-published blog with a CMS in under 5 mins.”

I’ve been up since 5:30am, so I’ve been taking the time while everyone is still in bed to catch up on the keynotes. Great job by all involved! I’d love to listen to expanded versions of each of the presentations sometime 👍

This is really cool, and could be a great Discovery tool. I’ve had an idea kicking around my head for something similar; a directory of sorts, where sites opt-in via webmention. Any p-category tags in the webmention post would be used to classify the listing in the directory, allowing people to find sites by groupings. Add in some sort of Technorati-style search for an extra layer of power.

I’m teaching myself Laravel at the moment… this would make a good first project to prototype, I think.