It’s pre-8am, and I’m working from home, so I’ve used what would have been my commute time to progress my Cloudlflare migration. All the DNS records are in place now. I’m just waiting on name servers to switch over. While that’s ongoing I’m updating all my certbot settings, and that should be everything of mine moved off of Cloudflare, at last.

I’ve decided on a colour scheme for the custom Space Marine chapter, at last. So, #Warmonger/#PaintingWarhammer folks – what are your top tips for painting a crisp, cool, clean white on Primaris power armour? Let me know!

Part way through switching my first domain off of Cloudflare, and I remembered I’d need to switch the configuration of certbot too, to ensure my HTTPS certificates can renew without issue.

One more thing to add to the list, which I don’t have time for tonight. I’ll need to sort this all out some time next week.

Once I’m back in front of a computer after vacation in a few days, I’m pulling all my domains off of Cloudflare. White Supremacist and terrorist content doesn’t deserve an “always online” guarantee, and until Cloudflare act on this, they don’t deserve my custom.

I’ve just generated a webp version of every image file I’ve ever uploaded to this site, with the intent to add a redirect for browsers which support the format – that should be most, nowadays. I haven’t done the redirect yet, but I’ll turn that on later.

I also took the opportunity to fix a whole bunch of missing thumbnails and missing sizes for my images. A previous mishap on my part meant there were a lot of these missing. WP-CLI didn’t seem to work for me, but there’s an easy (although repetitive and boring) way to do this through the library:

* Open the image
* Click “Edit Image”
* Flip the image, then flip it again
* Save

So hopefully that’s any broken images fixed, and soon, speedier and more optimised versions will be served.

I asked a local slater to come round and inspect my roof so I could get a repair quotation. They said they’d be here at 11am. Myself and my partner have been in all day. No one has turned up to inspect anything, but we’ve somehow still received a quote… 🤔

My newest neighbours (or, rather, their “DIY Dads”) have not been endearing themselves to the street by firing up the power saws at 8:15am for the last few weekends 😑