A fresh look for your Microblogs, Twitter and Facebook Feeds by Inoreader
If you’ve browsed your Twitter or Facebook page feeds in the last week, you have probably noticed that we changed the presentation of the posts, so they are more coherent with how a microblog post should look like. Initially, Inoreader started as a pure RSS reader and titles are an essential part ...

This is a nice little change, that will hopefully make some of my subscriptions that little bit nicer to read.

Maybe a future “next step” could be detecting the various IndieWeb post kinds, and formatting appropriately? 😉

Extending Apple’s homekit through Homebridge by Matt Haughey (A Whole Lotta Nothing)
I’ve been doing a lot of weekend house projects lately. I started with hours on YouTube watching videos on how to wire up wall switches because I wanted to control more lights on my network. …

Homebridge sounds like something I should try out sometime; HomeKit has quickly become my favourite way to control devices in my home… but device support is seemingly getting rarer (especially here in the UK)

Bitwarden (baty.net)
I’ve been using 1Password for years without too many issues. It’s a nicely designed and implemented app with a long history. I really had no reason to look elsewhere. However, there’s been a lot of noise lately about them taking $200 million in VC money. I’m not that concerned. They’ve grown and want to grow faster, so fine. It did, however, make me take a quick look at the alternatives, just in case.