🔖 Bookmarked: Robin McAlpine: I want to rig the economy – but differently

“Common Weal director Robin McAlpine argues that reversing the Scottish economy’s bias towards corporations in favour of small businesses could be transformative I WANT to rig the economy. I want, explicitly, to use public policy and practice to favour some parts of the economy over others. In this I am no different than anyone else commenting on the the economy. In fact, on this if nothing else I agree entirely with the ‘administer the last rights and stop prolonging the cruelty’ Growth Commission. There are only two real differences.”

🔖 Bookmarked: How Artists on Twitter Tricked Spammy T-Shirt Stores Into Admitting Their Automated Art Theft by Andy Baio

“Yesterday, an artist on Twitter named Nana ran an experiment to test a theory.
hey can y’all do me a favor and quote tweet/reply to this with something along the lines of ‘I want this on a shirt’, thank you pic.twitter.com/UhuGRQgU6b— Nana (@Hannahdouken) December 3, 2019
Their suspicion was that …”

Andy Baio