I (finally) set myself up with an Azure account today, as I needed to research something about Azure Active Directory. The more I explore around the portal, the more I think I should really start figuring out Azure, because it seems incredibly cool and powerful. I know this is old news to many of you. I just haven’t had much opportunity to dive in to it.

Are there any good resources you would recommend for getting started? Let me know! I’d be looking at it from a web apps perspective (PHP mainly, possibly Node or ASP.NET), but I’d be keen to hear just as much about the workflows and developing for the cloud in general.

An Introduction to Kubernetes (DigitalOcean)
Kubernetes is a container management system meant to be deployed on Docker-capable clustered environments. In this guide, we will discuss some of the basic concepts that Kubernetes introduces. We will discuss some of the design decisions and what make

Kubernetes is one of those things I really wish I knew more about/had the time to learn sooner, rather than later.