Done. Younger gamers will never understand the pain of trying to fit those grab rails!

The original aerials were missing, so I subbed in the antenna from the vehicle accessory sprue from the 2nd Edition era.

Rhino update: it’s had a scrub, the most egregious gaps/mould lines have been removed, and I’m reassembling the main hull. The exhausts and smoke launchers have been drilled out. Once the glue dries, I’ll add the hatches and rails, ready for primer.

Reposting: Anna Wiener on Twitter

“I wrote about Hacker News, a Silicon Valley institution (and avatar) of sorts. Featuring: message-board intellectualism; n-gate; "Political Detox Week"; and, of course, the two moderator-programmers currently behind the site”


Part way through switching my first domain off of Cloudflare, and I remembered I’d need to switch the configuration of certbot too, to ensure my HTTPS certificates can renew without issue.

One more thing to add to the list, which I don’t have time for tonight. I’ll need to sort this all out some time next week.

Once I’m back in front of a computer after vacation in a few days, I’m pulling all my domains off of Cloudflare. White Supremacist and terrorist content doesn’t deserve an “always online” guarantee, and until Cloudflare act on this, they don’t deserve my custom.