a post by Jeremy Keith (Adactio)
Like me, Tantek posts from his own website to Twitter. So you can see everything @t has posted by looking at http://tantek.com/ What do you see there that could possibly warrant an account suspension? WT actual F, @TwitterSupport?

In advance of Girl Wonder geting into the hobby, I’m putting together a flexible 4×4 gaming board. In your experience, how much scenery is good for this size of board, for each of AOS and 40K? Bonus internet points if you can show examples ?

This “Successor Chapters” booklet came with the collectors edition of the 7th Edition Space Marine codex, and it’s probably the most useful “freebie” I’ve ever received with a 40K book. It’s just page after page of example colour schemes and names.

The full thread is definitely worth your time.