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Replied to a post by Katherine M. Moss Katherine M. Moss Katherine M. Moss (cambridgeport90.net)a post by Changeling mx It’s been a while since I’ve listened to them. Dang. Nice, and good luck! Katherine, I noticed the other day that some of your posts, like this one, is duplicating content, and...

The double content in Autonomie thing might be my fault… I noticed an issue in the search page, when using Post Kinds, which in turn led to a change in when Post Kinds applies filters, breaking the previous integration with Autonomie. Using the latest version of the theme from GitHub includes the necessary fix for it.

(Sorry for the inconvenience, everyone!)

Vincent Knotley on Twitter (Twitter)
“@MstrKapowski We’ve had a couple too. Shredded the minute they hit the doormat”

These will share a similar fate. I was just slightly perturbed that they’re directly targetting me. My partner hasn’t had any mailed to her, and apparently many of her friends are the same – their (male) partners have received the same leaflets as me, but they haven’t. Lucky them!

MrTumnus1987 on Twitter (Twitter)
“@MstrKapowski Send them GDPR requests...about where they got your data from, watch them scramble to not get the info to you in time and thenreport them so they get fined! It’s what I’m doing! #theEUstrikesback”

Someone suggested this to me offline, and I’ve definitely been thinking about it… it’s just the right level of petty ?

Re-thinking the Homepage by an author
I've spent some time recently thinking about what I want out of my homepage. I don't have a clear answer, yet but I've been taking some steps toward it. There are a couple things influencing my current homepage design. First, inspired by Jonathan LaCour, I've been importing old Facebook posts into m...

I’m really enjoying the redesign. I find it a lot easier to read, and it’s given me some ideas for overhauling how I present the information on my own homepage. Great work, Eddie!

Thanks Chris!

Webmention.io is definitely my plan for adding webmentions initially, and will probably be the step 3 article (IndieAuth is step 2 and being drafted right now).

If, or rather, when I look into writing a plugin to send webmentions I might bring receiving into it as well… but the more I look into Webmention.io, the more I think I’ll just keep things simple by having it continue to handle all of the receiving.

Thanks for adding the wiki page – I’ll be sure to add links and other information as I finish writing it up!

Today’s Project: Backup all Pages by Brad Brad
A platform move for this blog is coming.  WordPress is frozen on ver. 4.9.9 which is fine by me, but untenable in the long term because eventually I will start missing needed security upgrades.  Also, I’m beginning to suspect that my Indieweb stuff is not working everywhere with everyone and I’m not willing to put the time in tracking down where the problems are on a platform I intend to leave.

Last time I exported from a WordPress site, pages were included – you can either export them separately, or as part of “all content” – but it’s definitely good to have a manual backup, just in case!

I definitely feel your frustrations with IndieWeb on WordPress. I’ve had so much trouble and spent so much time getting things setup “just so,” and I’m still not quite there. I’m sure it would’ve been fine if I’d stuck to one of the recommended themes and default plugin options… but then I wouldn’t be running my site. Even though a lot of my issues appear to be fixed now, half the time I still don’t trust things not to break seemingly at random.

Add to that small frictions like how hard it is to post a like/reply/bookmark type of post from mobile, and frustrations start to mount up.

Have you decided what you’re moving to yet?