This is our neighbour’s cat. The neighbour recently got a new puppy, so now he sits staring wistfully at the fence between our garden and theirs – even when he’s being called in for food. Occasionally he’ll glance at us, as if expecting us to do something about it all.

Our Switch arrived a week earlier than anticipated, so in the absence of having any new games, I’m amusing myself by using a silly name in A Link To The Past

I’ve been really enjoying listening to the audiobook version of The Phoenix Project as part of learning about DevOps. It’s probably the weirdest IT-related book I’ve come across, in that it’s a novel and not a technical manual, but it’s been working really well at getting across the core ideas.

I keep finding great views on our state-sanctioned daily exercise walks. Lovely little bits of nature, right on our doorstep.

Slowly but surely, I’m optimising my WFH setup for the long haul. This weekend I replaced 2 sets of keyboard and mouse with 1 that can be shared between both computers, added a hook for the headsets, and installed a light for better video conferencing. Because that’s the sort of thing we do now 😅

I’ve tidied up the wiring above the desk as best I can, but I’m waiting on a cable-tidy arriving to clean up the power cables and the like under the desk.

This setup is starting to get so comfortable and relaxing to work at I’ll not be wanting to go back to work in the office! 😂