If recent tradition holds, I’m going to be up early tomorrow, so I figured I’d preemptively set up something to work on while everyone else is still asleep…

I haven’t been able to use the @StarbucksUK iOS app for about a month, as this message can’t be dismissed. I’ve even tried deleting the app and reinstalling. If I hadn’t started making my own coffee instead, I’d be tempted to complain…

Quick update on my Contrast GSC… I’ve mainly the black and metal areas still to do, plus pouches,etc. I’m currently sitting at ~8.5h in total, across 54 models. Which, if my maths is right, equates to less than 10min per model 😳

Mixed up 2 big pots of custom shades for a Blood Angels project.

Left: 1:1:1 Mephiston Red Khorne Red Lahmian Medium.
Right: 1:1:1 Khorne Red Incubi Darkness Lahmian Medium.

Went in and picked what I’m going to be doing for @warhammeraberdeenofficial’s Path to Glory and Summer of Hobby. Now I just need to wait on those Contrast paints to be released!