Nearing the end of the road on this, but I’ll be glad when it’s over. So many small mishaps have really worn me down on this particular Knight. Here’s hoping the rest of the household aren’t as disaster prone!

Still plugging away at this Imperial Knight. There’s been a lot more edge highlighting than I’d planned to do. Shoulders, shield, and last of the trim left to do.

Work in progress Imperial Knight

Work in progress Imperial Knight

Finding myself at the “I hate this model” stage. The white panels are a huge pain, the black trim is a time-consuming pain, and I need to figure out where to incorporate some red…

It’ll all turn out ok in the end. Then I need to repeat everything on the other 2.

Brexit Party European Election leaflet Scottish Conservative and UKIP European Election leaflets

Why is it I’m getting targeted leaflets from all the shithead right-wing parties for the European Elections? Two of these were addressed directly by name, rather than the generic leaflets from the rest ?

I found this Hobbit-themed notebook while I was clearing my hobby space, and it triggered a few memories. It was a Christmas gift from several years ago, when I was in quite a different place in my life. I keep meaning to get in the habit of taking notes, but for some reason it never sticks. I’ve probably got more half-used notebooks than pairs of socks! There are several pages torn out of the front – I wonder what was on them?

“Hobbit” themed Moleskine notebook

If you’ve been following me for a while, you might remember I started a Dark Angels army at the end of 2017. I never quite finished the initial plan at the time… until this month! I was challenged to finish off a project, and this was the one I chose; painting all of the banners, the last HQ, and last squad needed to round things out to a battalion. It feels good to finish off a project – but now I’m inspired to expand it even more ? thankfully I already have a load of Oldstartes kits in the cupboard that can be used!

This “Successor Chapters” booklet came with the collectors edition of the 7th Edition Space Marine codex, and it’s probably the most useful “freebie” I’ve ever received with a 40K book. It’s just page after page of example colour schemes and names.

I’m not getting the finish and smoothness I want with this Magus, so I think I’m going to use it as a colour scheme sketch and start over. It doesn’t help that my eyes are really struggling to focus on details today ?

Can’t remember the last time I painted an Ultramarine. Possibly 20 years ago! Experimenting with some of the techniques I’ve been learning on the @alfonso_giraldes_banshee and @thechromaticcircle painting academy Patreon. I definitely need more practice, and this needs refinement, but it was nice to have a brush in my hand after weeks of nothing but work!

Apparently Forge World resin comes in black, as well as grey?!?
Anyway, got an idea for a mini display board I want to try out. Not sure if I’m going to use this flat tile, or the one with a wall that’s still in the post