In an attempt to setup a new “test” instance of my site, I accidentally reset this site back to how it was around 24 hours ago, wiping out everything had done today – every post, interaction, and bit of media I had imported. All gone. I’m a bloody moron sometimes. I really don’t know whether to laugh, cry, or hit my head off the desk.

I’ve reconstructed all my posts… but a handful of the URLs will have changed as they were auto-generated IDs and the system had imported a few hundred photos by the time the original posts were made. I might just leave the media import; I’m not sure I could bear screwing that up again.

Sorry if this has screwed up your reader feed, given you duplicate mentions or a feeling of deja vu.

Thanks for the episode, Chris and David. First time listening to the podcast, and I found it insightful – particularly the history and possible future of the Webmention plugin. I’m looking forward to hearing future episodes!

Today’s adventure in excessive packaging (drinks can for scale):

1. A very large box

Large shipping box and Pepsi can

2. 3 small bags amongst the bubble wrap

3. The even tinier contents of those bags

I don’t know exactly when it was added, but finally has a way to export your media uploads! When I moved off of, a couple of years ago, the only way to “get” your media was to export your posts, and your new site would download the files as the posts that used them were imported. This was obviously very error-prone, wouldn’t work for media not used in posts, and spectacularly failed to work for me — leaving a great deal of my uploaded media stranded on the WordPress servers. With this new export option I’ve just downloaded 1.5GB of media from two sites I had hosted on the service, so I might finally be able to reconstruct several old posts. Happy days!

I think I’m going to have to revise my ambitions around finishing 3 Knights this (long) weekend… All of that trim takes a deceptively long time to do! I’ll hopefully get 1 finished off though.

My Game of Thrones mild take – the show just hasn’t been the same (or as good) since they went “off book,” and tried to squeeze more and more plot into fewer episodes. It’s been so uneven, and at times nonsensical over the last few seasons it’s like a different show.

The “Silent Assassin/Suit Only” (SASO) run through Whittleton Creek, in Hitman 2, has been the most frustrating in the game yet. I’ve tried my own strategy, and following the guide below, but there always seems to be something that goes wrong in each attempt.

I’m getting an urge to switch my main desktop PC back to some flavour of Linux. It’s been a couple of years, and the Windows Subsystem for Linux has been adequate, but I’ve never been able to get it to work 100%. There’s always something complaining, that should be working “cross-platform” out of the box.

Although, to be honest, for all the time I get on the desktop these days it’s probably just change for the sake of change…