My newest neighbours (or, rather, their “DIY Dads”) have not been endearing themselves to the street by firing up the power saws at 8:15am for the last few weekends 😑

Come into the office – no WiFi (we don’t have wired LAN, so this is bad)

10 minutes diagnosing/troubleshooting.

20 minutes on hold waiting to talk to helpdesk.

**Just** after going through the ID preamble with the analyst, the WiFi connects.

It’s going to be one of those days…

I just spun up a hefty VPS to run a single python script that’s going to take several hours to run. It’s been online <10 minutes and already completed about one third of what my PC managed in 5 hours 😅

I’m mostly done writing the first draft of my iOS Shortcuts guide. Just got some screenshots to add, mostly. It’s sitting at ~750 words, although I’ve tried to keep it fairly technical-term free. Hopefully I’ll get it published tonight or tomorrow.

I’d hoped to write up some loose documentation on the iOS Shortcuts I have setup, but diagnosing all manner of WordPress plugin issues has taken up my night. I’ll try again tomorrow.

I’ve been up since 5:30am, so I’ve been taking the time while everyone is still in bed to catch up on the keynotes. Great job by all involved! I’d love to listen to expanded versions of each of the presentations sometime 👍