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In advance of Girl Wonder geting into the hobby, I’m putting together a flexible 4×4 gaming board. In your experience, how much scenery is good for this size of board, for each of AOS and 40K? Bonus internet points if you can show examples 👍

This “Successor Chapters” booklet came with the collectors edition of the 7th Edition Space Marine codex, and it’s probably the most useful “freebie” I’ve ever received with a 40K book. It’s just page after page of example colour schemes and names.

And the resulting photograph. I’m not happy with how this model turned out in the end, thanks to trying to fix some avoidable mishaps, but I’m taking it as a learning experience.

Warhammer 40,000 Ultramarine Sergeant

Putting paint brush to miniature for the first time in weeks, with something just for fun, rather than for the tabletop. I kind of feel like I needed this. Today I discovered I love painting with a size 3 brush!

I’m not saying I’m planning out an Ash Wastes Tribes “counts-as Genestealer Cults” army… but I’m also not saying I’m not planning one… 🤔

Has anyone seen any good conversion ideas for Imperial/Inquisition/Ministorum Crusaders recently? I’m weighing up whether to make my own, or get some of the old metal models from GW. Send me links, pictures, or even just your ideas, if you have them! 👍

‪I had no idea the Canoness Veridyan model was so much bigger than the original Sisters. Even discounting her ridiculous heels, she’s a good head taller than the others. It makes me worry about how well the plastic kit will blend in alongside the old #PrimarisSistersConfirmed‬

Bit of a bad brain evening, so I’ve spent the time assembling more sisters to distract myself. Somehow I’ve ended up with a couple more Battle squads than I expected! Still got the Repentia to go…

Hopefully the weather improves soon, so I can get them primed!

After several hours of clipping, filing, drilling, and pinning, I’ve finally finished assembling the first of 2 Penitent Engines.

It better be amazing on the tabletop after all that…

Unboxing “Celestine” by Andy Clark

Time to take a look at my lovely limited edition copy of Andy Clark’s Celestine!

The packaging and presentation of the book is definitely very nice. Hopefully I can get stuck into the story later this evening!

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I’ve come to the conclusion that, even though I love the models and current lore progression, I have zero interest in playing 40K right now. On the other hand, I’ve been wishing I had an army ready so I could play Age of Sigmar. Funny how these things wax and wane