It’s taken a few weeks, and multiple loads, but that’s the last of the card/packaging/delivery boxes from the festive period finally into the recycling.

I’ve got the house to myself from tomorrow lunchtime, until Wednesday. I keep thinking I’m going to get so much done, but 3 things are competing for my time and attention: coding, hobby progress, and finishing Red Dead Redemption 2…

K Theme Status Update 2019-01-09

I’ve been chipping away at K as time allows over the last week. It’s still a long way from where I’d like it to be, but it’s getting there…

  • All theme files should be compliant with the WordPress Coding Standards, apart from a few instances where I’m planning to rewrite what’s there.
  • I’ve made little tweaks here and there to the markup output by the theme, and plan to revisit this continually. I made a test post to, but it didn’t quite parse correctly last time. This post should also be submitted – fingers crossed it goes better this time! I’m also curious if IndieNews posting will be more successful.
  • Files have been refactored (albeit not yet fully reorganised), with a goal of splitting up what was a growing, monolithic functions.php into smaller logical chunks.
  • I’m wrestling with how to handle all of the different kinds of posts the theme will support, from a markup and display point of view. My biggest headache at the moment is the treatment of post titles. I might write another post on this topic.
  • I’ve been working on making plug-in support more optional than I had it at the outset. I make heavy use of Post Kinds and other IndieWeb plug-ins, but don’t want the theme to necessarily rely on them.
  • Oh, and the source code is now available on GitHub, in the spirit of “selfdogfooding“. I came to the realisation there wasn’t anything to be gained by holding the code back, and I even ran the risk of never releasing anything if I waited until it was “ready.”

I’m learning quite a bit through this exercise, which is great. It’s reinvigorated some of my love of code tinkering; I’m finding that some evenings I’m more keen to sit down at a keyboard than I am to sit at my hobby station, which is something that’s not happened in a long time!

Update 09:26 – IndieNews submission is still failing, unfortunately. seems to be working, but I had to force a Webmention.

Just had one of the back garden fence panels implode under the high winds, and several others looking like they might go too. Just the thing I needed first thing in the New Year.

If I were to have a rummage around, I’m pretty sure I could find 1-2 squads of Genestealer Cult Neophytes, plus everything from the Deathwatch: Overkill boxset… oh, and the Genestealers from Space Hulk… that’s a decent start to a small Cult, right? 🤔