Out for our lunctime state-sanctioned exercise, and noticed a seal had managed to make it all the way past the Diamond Bridge on the River Don, in Aberdeen. I’ve never seen them in this area before!

How to paint miniatures: Basics figures to start painting - Miniature Art Academy!

I’ve been a member of Alfonso “Banshee” Giraldez’s and David Mommel’s Miniature Art Academy for the last few months, and it’s been great for me. The course has been fantastic so far, concentrating heavily on the “why” over the “how” and exposing me to new ideas and techniques. Both Alfonso and David are passionate about seeing what we do as painting on a 3D canvas, rather than “miniature painting,” so apply many skills and tools used in traditional art techniques. If you’re interested in improving and expanding your skills – or even just beginning! – I highly recommend the Painting Academy level.