Reposting: Carole Cadwalladr on Twitter

“‘Here’s another way to say it: the biggest FTC fine in United States history increased Mark Zuckerberg’s net worth.’
It really is amazing. I think this might be the moment we later realise that Facebook broke the American dream”


Reposting: Dusty Smith 🥤 on Twitter

“Jason Mamoa is getting body shamed on the internet today for this picture of him on vacation bc he’s “fat now” and has a “dad bod”... and I’m officially never taking my shirt off ever again as long as I live. Not even in the shower.”


Reposting: Parker Molloy on Twitter

“I think we know how this will play out.

Evangelical: "Trans people are an abomination! Blah blah blah! LGBTQ is evil! Blah blah blah!"

LGBTQ people: "You're bigots."

Twitter: [suspends LGBTQ person]”


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“It’s wild that 50 years ago, Margaret Hamilton was writing code that was put on punch cards and then loaded up on a computer that landed Astronauts on the moon.

Now, folks use React to render a bloody blog 😂”


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“Part of Zoom's response below. Basically: an update to Safari (probably for security?) added an extra click to joining a meeting. So Zoom added a whole damn, undisclosed, running webserver to your computer to Save You A Click. And it isn't sorry.



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“For those curious as to why Lieutenant is pronounced as “Leftenant” in the U.K., it’s down to the early days of printing. ‘U’s and ‘V’s were often printed identically, so Lieu Tenant was pronounced with a V when it was first introduced to the English language.”


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“Superhuman is an email surveillance app that encourages its users to spy on friends and co-workers without their consent. Why the ethics of this matter and what it says about Superhuman as a company. New post on Mike Industries:”


Reposting: Boris Johnson, UK's Answer To Trump, Offers A Masterclass In How To Use The Dead Cat Strategy Combined With A Google Bomb

Boris Johnson -- full name Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson -- was born in New York to English parents, studied at Eton and Oxford, became Mayor of London, and now stands a good chance of becoming the UK's next prime minister. That's not because of any outstanding ability, but largely because he belongs to the country's ruling class and assumes the position is his by right, as do many of his supporters. However, this smooth if completely unearned rise to the top of the UK's political system was threatened recently by an unexpected event.


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“Sometimes I think about the Lord of the Rings and I'm a bit sad about the fact that, while it is the sort of genesis of modern fantasy fiction, most of it's real lessons weren't brought across in derivative works, especially about masculinity. A thread.”


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“Hey pals 👋,

Medium appears to be rightly getting a day of bad press and you might be thinking about publishing your writing elsewhere.

I’ve got your back. I made, so you can have a self-published blog with a CMS in under 5 mins.”