This is really cool, and could be a great Discovery tool. I’ve had an idea kicking around my head for something similar; a directory of sorts, where sites opt-in via webmention. Any p-category tags in the webmention post would be used to classify the listing in the directory, allowing people to find sites by groupings. Add in some sort of Technorati-style search for an extra layer of power.

I’m teaching myself Laravel at the moment… this would make a good first project to prototype, I think.

🔖 Bookmarked: Social Reading User Interface for Discovery by Chris Aldrich

“I read quite a bit of material online. I save “bookmarks” of all of it on my personal website, sometimes with some additional notes and sometimes even with more explicit annotations. One of the things I feel like I’m missing from my browser, browser extensions, and/or social feed reader is a social layer overlay that could indicate that people in my social network(s) have read or interacted directly with that page (presuming they make that data openly available.)”

🔖 Bookmarked: How to move from Chrome to another browser

“Despite some new improvements to user privacy, Google’s popular Chrome browser has recently been lambasted in some quarters as problematical when it comes to privacy issues. These same articles suggest that if you’re concerned about the security of your data, you should try an alternative browser, such as Firefox, Safari, or Brave.”

Make the switch. I’ve been using Firefox for several months, and I couldn’t go back now.

🔖 Bookmarked: Step 4 - Sending Webmentions using and IFTTT

“We’ve previously enabled our site to receive Webmentions, but what can we do about sending Webmentions to other sites? Much like we use to handle receiving Webmentions, we’re going to use to handle the sending. And the best bit is, we don’t need to make any modifications to our site!”

I’ve added a new article to TextPattern which covers integrating with Remy’s new service to enable sending of Webmentions for sites which don’t have that capability natively.

🔖 Bookmarked: Feminist Internet

“The internet holds huge potential for liberation and political transformation. However many of society’s inequalities are encoded in its structures, processes and communities. Whether it’s digital platforms allowing online abuse against women, lack of workforce diversity in the tech sector, biased data collection reinforcing privileges or sexist naming of subservient chatbots, there are many issues to address. Feminist Internet is here to intervene and ensure an equal and just internet for all.”