Google uses Gmail to track a history of things you buy — and it's hard to delete (CNBC)
Google collects the purchases you've made, including from other stores and sites such as Amazon, and saves them on a page called Purchases.

I’ve been clicking around for 10 minutes now, and I can’t find the option to turn this off. It’s apparently under “search settings preferences” (like that’s an obvious place for an unrelated feature linked to GMail), but there’s nothing stands out as controlling this “feature”. To delete the records, you have to delete the email the purchase was parsed from.

I’m glad I didn’t expect much to come from Google’s much hyped “privacy matters” announcement.

Citadel COLOUR Contrast Paints First Impressions / Review (
I attended a seminar on the science behind the new Contrast Paints and between that and what I saw (and experienced) today, I'd like to share as much of it with you as possible. At the moment information is a little light on the ground (though that is sure to change in the coming weeks leading up to their release), so I hope this can be your one-stop shop for getting up to speed on Citadel's new paint system.

I can’t wait to try these paints. I have acquired a large backlog of miniatures I don’t care enough about to paint with the long-winded “traditional” method, so having something I can use to churn out entire units in a few hours will help me get them out of the cupboard and usable in games.