Detolf Cabinets Conundrum - Ideal Xmas Present Idea (
If you are a hobbyist with the ability to store and display your minis in a dedicated space, chances are you may have an IKEA Detolf glass...

I have some laser-cut acrylic stand inserts for my Detolf, which due to their design, reduce the amount of space available on the original shelves quite a bit. These extra shelves and brackets look like a much better solution, so I might need to hunt some down.

(I also need to get a second Detolf, but that’s another story…)

📑 What Happened to Tagging? by Aaron DavisAaron Davis
Alexander Samuel reflects on tagging and its origins as a backbone to the social web. Along with RSS, tags allowed users to connect and collate content using such tools as feed readers. This all changed with the advent of social media and the algorithmically curated news feed. Samuel wonders if we h...

I remember the rise of tagging “folksonomies” and the rush to add them to blogging software at the time (2005ish, per the original article). Because of how they were implemented there was always a tension between organising content through categories vs tags, which meant some blogs didn’t use them, while others went “all in.”

For myself, I’ve found myself drifting away from using either. I used to categorise posts into a particular theme, and then tag with more fine-grained keywords. Back when your “content” and “niche” “mattered”. Now I almost never bother explicitly setting either; I blog for myself, so I don’t feel I necessarily need to define everything into a taxonomy that helps other people make sense of things. Maybe I should put more effort into this, for the day my memory starts failing me?

a post by Jacky Alciné
I just realized that instead of storing my GPG keyring to disk, I could be just using my Yubikey for that! I followed the (very clear!) steps over at and got my key up and running in moments (I skipped a few steps that weren’t in my threat model). I might go back and even consider hardening the keys I have set up.
Hi-Fi curious by Remy Sharp
I love music. I need it in my life and for a number of decades, there was more music in my life than there was not. When I was 13 I used to have a paper round that paid £11 on the Saturday morning. I would head to town that afternoon and buy a new album from the store and immediately listen to it o...
The Apple Curtain by Brent Simmons (inessential)
I’m always happy for a friend when they start a job at Apple — but I’m also sad when it means they have to stop their community activities: no more podcasting and blogging, developer meetup organizing, presenting at conferences, writing side-project apps, contributing to open source things.
92-year-old's memoir tells the forgotten story of a German official who sabotaged Nazi deportations and saved more Jews than Schindler (Boing Boing)
Hans Calmeyer was a left-wing German lawyer -- his law license was temporarily suspended when he was accused of being a Communist -- who was inducted into the German army under the Nazis, who put him in charge of an office that determined which Dutch people would be deported to Auschwitz during the Nazi occupation.