So… that didn’t go so well. All the login items were there after the import, but easily 60% plus of the data was parsed incorrectly – usually one or both of username and password were imported as “custom fields” instead of actual login details. There was no pattern I could discern about why some logins imported successfully and the rest didn’t.

Two-Factor Authentication (TOTP) details were also imported as a custom field, instead of the “correct” one. I tried manually fixing a couple of accounts, for testing purposes, but the TOTP codes generated by Bitwarden wouldn’t work on the sites.

There is a format I can manually massage the data into, to get it to import properly (apparently), but this is starting to look like the major hassle I feared it might. And I doubt reformatting the export will fix the TOTP codes. That’s usually a time-skew/clock settings thing in my experience, but every device I tried from had the correct time.

If I do decide to migrate, I’ll revisit this – by necessity – but it’s a job for another time. For now I’ve purged my Bitwarden vault.

On the plus side, the encrypted notes imported just fine…

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