Even though I’m all for fulfilling civic duties, after this week, I never want to be on a jury again. I can’t imagine the toll it takes on those in the legal profession who are exposed to these matters all the time.

That’s my service over with, although I think I’m going to need to take a few days to clear my head.

A couple of months ago I received a jury citation, and today I was selected from a pool of sixty or so to be part of a jury with fourteen of my peers. It’s both daunting and inspiring to see the wheels of justice working up close.

Obviously I can’t talk about the trial, but safe to say things might be quieter from me for the next while.

After a few discussions around the topic, it occurs to me that my partner wants an Apple Watch, just not as a device on her wrist. I can’t imagine she’s the only one.

Tempted to stop giving money to stores who add that PayPal “would you like a copy of this cart…” overlay.

It’s intrusive, annoying, slows down browsing, and very often appears on *every* page load. Including the cart itself.