Today is off to a great start already. The main corporate network seems to be down. I’d connect to another network and remote in… but I’ve forgotten my work phone, which has the security token app required for the VPN. Classic Monday.

I’ve been thinking quite a bit about my blog’s format today. My current thought is to do something similar to, i.e. grouping entries by day. The vast majority of what I post is short format, so this should work pretty well.

One bit I haven’t decided on yet is if entries in a particular day will be listed newest at the top, or oldest. Oldest at the top would essentially present each day like a single entry, just from multiple small posts. The inspiration behind a lot of this is to try and marry the best of both microblogging and a traditional “web journal.”

Of course, these are all half-formed thoughts and ideas right now, so might end up different during implementation. And any changes along these lines wouldn’t mean anything to anyone who only reads the blog through some form of reader 🙃

The race to the bottom by Seth Godin (Seth's Blog)
The race for cheap, unearned attention is a race that can’t be won. As soon as someone gains the lead, someone else will lower their standards and take a shortcut to get even more. The players have already surrendered their self-esteem, so it’s simply an escalating hijack of trust.
Amna on Twitter (Twitter)
“we live in time where calling a person who is literally being racist, a racist, is somehow more offensive than the actual racism and the BBC keeps insisting on equating the two as if they are somehow even close to the same thing...”

Jeff Bridges Takes Photographs by Jason Kottke (
Ever since Starman in 1984, Jeff Bridges has taken photos on the set of every film he’s acted in using his Widelux F8 camera. Sometimes he compiles them into picture books for the cast and crew. Sometimes he posts them to his charmingly old school website. Ever since Starman in 1984, Jeff Bridges has taken photos on the set of every film he's acted in using his Widelux F8 camera.

Click through to his main website ( – it’s quite delightful.