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““@MstrKapowski – thought you might want to check the link in the body of your last post (Evolution of..) – it’s links to an image, not the site.””


Thanks for catching that! Not sure how it happened, but I’ve fixed it 👍

📖 Read: The kid from "David After Dentist" is headed to college (Vox)

“Here’s how going viral changed his life.”


The type of internet fame that David experienced — mostly supportive, humorous, and even sweet — is emblematic of the 2000s. This was the cusp of the social media era, when people regularly posted their earnest feelings on Facebook and being in someone’s Top Eight on MySpace still connoted close friendship. But the online conversation has soured since then, and blowback can be crueler. Now, in the age of doxing, trolls, and brutal Twitter takedowns, is it possible to escape viral fame so unscathed?