This post, by Steve Smith, speaks to me and my constant struggles to finish projects:

…starting a project is thrilling. The unknown is exciting. The opportunity to solve new problems in new ways is inspiring. But nothing compares to the joy of finishing. Starting is easy. Finishing is hard.

Steve is talking about software, using his hobby of woodworking as an example. For me, it’s all about the hobby. Finishing a miniature painting project that is taking more than a couple of days is hard. Maintaining the motivation and enthusiasm needed to get through all those finishing steps is hard. Heck, even getting through the first few steps of picking out all the base coats is hard. Throw in my personal rule of not playing with unpainted miniatures, and it’s easy to figure out why I’ve not played a game of Warhammer 40,000 since before 8th Edition launched.

Strangely enough, the building stage… that’s easy, although it’s the part I usually complain about. Perhaps I should learn to let go and play with “the grey tide”?

Don’t be silly. I’ll just have to keep pushing through and finish.

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