Lately I’ve found myself enjoying the YouTube channel Outside XBox (and their sister channel, Outside Xtra). Normally what will happen is I’ll put a YouTube video on the TV as “background noise” and it ends up playing videos from the same channel for a few hours; in this case I ended up going down a rabbit hole of their Hitman videos. Whether it was the normal play throughs, the challenge modes, or the “3 ways to play”, I was hooked and wanted to play the game for myself. But I refuse to pay full price for a game that’s been out for a while, so it sat on my Steam Wishlist until last week, when it was discounted by 60% on the evening before the Steam Summer Sale.

I finally got round to playing Hitman today, and so far I’d say it’s got the potential to be the first game to really hold my attention in since Metal Gear Solid 5. I loved Hitman 2, and kept tabs on the ups and downs of the series after that, so having another game in the series feel as good as that one did is certainly welcome.

So far I’ve only completed the prologue missions (though I did replay the very first mission several times), so these are very early impressions. Fingers crossed the game holds up as I get further through it!