I’ve listened to a lot of 40K podcasts over the last couple of years. Over that time I’ve slowly winnowed my subscriptions down to just a handful.

  1. Forge The Narrative – my favourite 40K podcast of the last few years.
  2. Chapter Tactics – from Frontline Gaming, but distinct enough from their other shows to merit its own subscription
  3. Frontline Gaming – this is the main Frontline Gaming Podcast – the feed also includes Chapter Tactics and some other smaller shows
  4. Ashes of the Imperium – this one is new, but it’s by the team behind the very good Bad Dice AoS Podcast

My biggest gripe with most 40K podcasts tends to be length. Sorry, but unless you’re very, very compelling to listen to, I am not going to listen to a Podcast episode which is 2-3 hours long (or more!). The Podcasts above tend to clock-in at around an hour to an hour and a half, which I find to be perfect to my listening habits.

Bonus: Podcasts I’m Evaluating:

8th Edition has brought about a few new Podcasts, some of which I’m still deciding if they’re going to stay in my subscriptions list.

Bonus 2: Some Age of Sigmar podcasts

For a while I found the quality of the AOS podcasts to be in general higher than most 40K podcasts, with only a couple of exceptions. Sadly, my favourite AOS podcast — Heelanhammer — has recently gone on hiatus so I’m not including it here.

  • Bad Dice
  • Facehammer – can be a bit sweary, so proceed under advisory if that’s not your thing.