The Holy Bible, by Manic Street Preachers, is 26 years old this year, and my brain can’t process how that makes me feel. I listened to that album on steady repeat when I found it in my teens…

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“Is rel=sponsored known to the Microformats community? Or is this a Google-ism?”

an author ( )

It kinda, vaguely, rings a bell, but it’s more likely I’m getting it mixed up with rel-payment.

💬 Replied to: Vox headlines a post on reparations with “Whitelist”

“Dear Vox, It’s bad enough that you’re actually using the word “whitelist” but to have it headlining this particular article seems especially egregious. Maybe you could use better framing like “allowlist” or “denylist” instead?
Screencapture of a Vox article about reparations with a p…”

Even more simply: “[Consider] unblocking us”. It clearly describes the action they’d like the reader to take, rather than the (poorly named) tool/setting, which not everyone will connect with.

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“So. Yesterday, there was a bunch of layoffs and I was one of the people affected. I’m definitely open to talking about next opportunities but I won’t be ready to work until June 15th. Hit me up for a resume / talk. I will say, having a union made this…”


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