So what is this?

It’s a “Now Page.” It’s probably easiest if I just quote someone who put the idea out there for me to find:

“People often ask me what I’m doing now.

Each time I would type out a reply, describing where I’m at, what I’m focused on, and what I’m not.

So earlier this year I added a /now page to my site:

Where Am I?

Until further notice – Aberdeen, Scotland.

At the Office?

  • Technical Manager on a small team, working on an Oil & Gas Industry-wide application; responsible for plotting out the future course of the application, implementing changes, and guiding the rest of the team along the path.
  • Mostly working with Oracle databases, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Oracle Rest Data Services (ORDS) and WSO2 API Manager.
  • Just completed adding SAML2 Single Sign-On integration to the application, and a API-powered mobile web application not long before that.

Away from Work?

  • Painting miniatures (mostly Games Workshop’s Warhammer 40,000 or Age of Sigmar models) and trying to improve my brush skills.
  • Attempting to focus on getting enough models painted so I can play the games more than once every 2-3 years.
  • Lately I’ve began to explore the ideals behind the IndieWeb movement, and have been trying to adopt as many as I can.
  • Towards that goal, I’m also working on an IndieWeb-integrated WordPress theme, called “K.”
  • I’ve got some ideas for a couple more open source IndieWeb projects, but those are still in the very early stages of planning.