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“So. Yesterday, there was a bunch of layoffs and I was one of the people affected. I’m definitely open to talking about next opportunities but I won’t be ready to work until June 15th. Hit me up for a resume / talk. I will say, having a union made this…”


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If you’re one of those people panic buying staple goods in bulk, when this passes and you have excess dried pasta and loo roll and tinned goods, consider donating them to a foodbank.

If you plan to bulk buy, buy extra for a foodbank.

Don’t be one of Those People.”


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“A thought that just occurred to me: everyone should be required to play D&D or Warhammer or some other dice-rolling game at school, to get a visceral sense for how often "low probability" events come up. Rolling double ones is a <3% chance, but it happens ALL THE BLOODY TIME”