Updated Tale of #ParentPainters by Evil Kipper Hobby - Rob
Well, #ParentPainters is looking like a terrific success, with lots of people taking part, and we felt it was time to provide some updated details! #ParentPainters started as a monthly paint along for the ParentPlayers, a group of parents who meet up for infrequent (3 times a year) sessions at Warha...
Healthy Boundaries by gRegor Morrill
On Twitter, Melissa Fabello shared a text where a friend had asked if she had the emotional/mental capacity to listen to them vent about some things. I thought Melissa made some good points about healthy boundaries, emotional capacity, and open communication.
by Jacky Alciné
The progress I’ve been making with projects like https://lwa.black.af and https://fortress.black.af are giving me more hope in seeing what I’d like to for the IndieWeb. I really want to build stuff that I can gladly show to friends and help them join as well.