My news reader is filled with people posting their tips for working remotely in this time of COVID-19 and “social distancing.” I wrote my own six tips for working from home fifteen years ago(!!! – yay for blog archives!), and they largely still hold up, mostly because they aren’t tips around what no-longer existing technologies to use or anything like that. They’re focussed on what you can do to make your working from home experience better for you.

If I had to add any more tips, the biggest would be – make sure your work area is comfortable and ergonomic. If you can, invest in the best office-style chair you can. Ideally, have a decent-sized desk which affords you a good amount of working space. Basically don’t try and work for hours in an uncomfortable, cramped, space. If you don’t have access to that at home, try decamping to somewhere like the local library, even for a couple of hours (when you know you won’t have to make any calls!).

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