Today’s one of those days where I’m really struggling to concentrate and focus on anything at all. Which is slightly bothersome, as I’m working from home today to “concentrate” on doing some online training I’ve struggled to find peace to do in the office.

Reposting: Tom Chivers on Twitter

“A thought that just occurred to me: everyone should be required to play D&D or Warhammer or some other dice-rolling game at school, to get a visceral sense for how often "low probability" events come up. Rolling double ones is a <3% chance, but it happens ALL THE BLOODY TIME”


What I mean about that last Inoreader thing:

When I first setup the OPML subscription I had to map it to a folder created in Inoreader. All feeds were dumped into this folder as the feature didn’t support the category information in my OPML file.

The number of sources in my OPML file was starting to get unwieldy in just a single folder, so I had begun the process of reorganising into topic-based folders. The subscription management preference UI in Inoreader is a bit clunky, so this was slow going.

Anyway, I more or less finished, and went for lunch. When I came back, there were a whole lot of new folders showing in the sidebar. I figured there was maybe some old organisational data kicking around (tags and folders seem to be  more or less synonymous in the app, and a feed can belong to multiple), so started moving things around again and deleting the excess folders. It wasn’t until  I’d deleted a couple that I realised they matched the category names in my OPML file, and put two and two together.

To tidy everything back up again, I deleted all subscriptions, folders, and tags, before re-syncing with the OPML file. Everything was automatically nicely organised, and hopefully will remain so 😃 The only dowside was losing the read status of the feeds, but a quick “Mark All as Read” sorted that out.

I was in the middle of reorganising my feeds in Inoreader, when they appear to have rolled out an update to the OPML Subscription functionality, completely throwing things off and causing me to need to start all over again.