Random, unstructured, thoughts on the state of play on the last day of the election campaign:

  • First and foremost, I detest the Tories. For what their policies did to my dad years ago, and what they’re doing to the country now and over the last nine years. They seem to be importing more and more behaviours from the Trumpist wing of the GOP (but wrapped up in bumbling Britishisms to mask it), and it’s genuinely terrifying.
  • Boris Johnson is the perfect distillation of everything terrible about the Tory Party.
  • I think that in any other time, this election would barely be a contest. By rights the Tory Party should be facing a massive loss.
  • I have no strong feelings about Corbyn. I’ve largely tuned out the noise around him. I suspect my grandad would’ve loved him.
  • Brexit is a terrible idea, isn’t going to be resolved by this election, and is going to drag on the U.K. for years – if not decades – to come.
  • My short-term goal is left-leaning U.K. government, with ideally no Brexit. Long-term is Scottish Independence.
  • I’d have considered voting Labour, but the Scottish Labour Party have explicitly ruled out giving any ground on the issue of Scottish Independence. Their local campaign has been as tone-deaf as every time since 2014.
  • I’m not overly enthralled by the current SNP offerings, but they are the best chance of getting another independence referendum, and securing a non-Tory government. It feels like they’ve lost a bit of their edge. In my constituency they’re the only left-leaning party with a genuine chance of keeping the Tories out.
  • The Lib Dems are a pointless waste of space in most of Scotland, and they’ve not enamoured themselves to me nationally over the course of the campaign. They’ve come across as very disengenuous. Their loal campaign material basically only highlighted two things: No Brexit, and no to Scottish Independence.
  • The Scottish Greens are finally standing a Westminster candidate in my constituency. I’d love to give them my vote, but it’d be wasted in my constituency – and I dare not let the Tories in “through the backdoor”.
  • If I lived in England I would vote tactically for whoever had the best chance of beating the Tories in that seat, but with a preference for Labour… I think.
  • The level of disinformation happening online is astounding, but also feels oddly obvious and transparent.

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