I’ve updated my Links page, adding RSS/feed data to every record I could, so Inoreader will pick up the feeds from my OPML file. I’ve also started adding all of the missing “follows” I have – starting with my old Feedly export, then I’ll add any missing from Aperture. So far I’ve added a bunch of blogs on various topics, and a new category for Scotland-focussed content.

Classifying sites has been one of the tricker aspects of this exercise so far! Some of my subscriptions date back 15+ years, and no site remains confined to a single topic for that long. For many I’ve been going with “what does this person do?” rather than what they’re currently writing about. Others are matched up with how I categorised them when I first subscribed (more or less). If I end up adding more categories I’ll reevaluate where some sites sit, but I’m keeping the number of categories as small as I can.

I’ve trimmed off a few dead sites, but – I confess –Β  I’ve left just as many still on the list in the hope they spring back to life one day.

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