I’m giving Inoreader a quick go, based in part on Chris’s experiences using it as a Social Reader. The idea of hooking into IFTTT to create various posts on this blog based on what I read appeals to me. Inoreader allows subscribing to OPML feeds instead of importing a static file – allowing for dynamically managing my subscriptions. Chris manages this through his Following page, and I’m planning to do something similar with my Links page, although to get this working I’m going to have to go back through my list and add any RSS feed URLs to the entry.

I should take the time to get all my “followings” back in sync during the exercise. I dropped Feedly last year, and I’ve never quite finished porting everything I had there to Aperture/Monocle, or to the Links page. I’ve not synced everything I’ve added to Aperture back to the Links page either. So much housekeeping to catch up on.

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  1. Keep in mind that sometime in the coming weeks, Inoreader should be rolling out some updates that will tend to make social posts (especially notes and other titleless posts) display a bit better in their reader. I’ve mentioned it to them and they may also add micropub support in the future. fingers crossed