I’m starting to pull together a theme based on the changes I was thinking about a few days ago. It’s nothing “earth-shattering” or revolutionary, but it fits where my mindset is right now.

I need to think carefully about how I handle Post Kinds, like Bookmarks and Likes… these have had such divergent ways of formatting over the years that there’s probably no one-size-fits-all approach I can take. So far I’ve managed to keep everything IndieWeb-compatible too, with h-feed, h-entry, h-card, and other building-block microformats working more-or-less as they do now (as far as I’ve tested with X-Ray, Parse This, Indiewebify, etc).

Layout is being handled by Flexbox for the moment. This article has continued to be invaluable. I could/should switch to CSS Grid for the final version, but I haven’t yet. So far only the content has been worked on. I still need to figure out the header/footer/secondary information.

If I can get a good run at things, I should have the theme finished some time in November. October is unlikely, as my evenings are fully-booked until at least the 19th.

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