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  1. @MrKapowski Following 2000 accounts? That seems insane to me. I don’t think you can adequately keep up with that many. I don’t think I’ve ever crested more than 100 on any of my accounts. I like content but I can’t properly attend to that much.

  2. @jeannie @MrKapowski I’ve learnt the hard way that quality beats quantity when it comes to social media. And I won’t hesitate to prune off accounts and feeds where they’re no longer relevant to me. My online life is a garden, and it requires regular care and maintenance.

  3. @AlanRalph @jeannie to be clear, it’s not me who has followed 2000+ accounts. That said, my old Twitter account reached 1500ish before I went through several severe cutbacks to ~1000, and then closed the account.

    It’s fairly easy to accumulate that high a number if you flit between diverse topics, or there’s an important event you’re keeping track of. There’s also the implied need to “follow back,” especially in a niche.

    Nowadays I follow ~200, but have far more people added to topic-based lists instead.

  4. @MrKapowski I know it was Jacky who was following over 2000 accounts. Still, that is just far too many to be able to adequately keep up with. AT that point you’re just collecting accounts rather than cultivating content.

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