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“@jackyalcine Agree, video tough. If openly licensed can use @internetarchive. Also been thinking about peertube. “

I’ve been thinking about video lately too. For very short clips (<2 minutes) I think I would self-host, despite WordPress making it awkward as heck in my experience. Anything longer than that and it’s more of a conundrum.

Could small, “collective” PeerTube instances in the vein of runyourown.social be viable? Needs buy-in from interested parties — or a benefactor — but it’s a way to spread the hosting costs around while offering an alternative to a community. /cc Jacky.

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  1. Yeah, I think it could work. I’m going to spend some time this upcoming weekend to write on it but I’m still seeing something that does the following:
    pulls in video posts and feedback from a particular site

    allows people on this site to subscribe to a bundle of updates from video streams on that site

    doubly allow for video hosting (for those who don’t / can’t host on their own)

    This is a lot, IMO, but it’d be efficient to pull me completely away from YouTube if I could bridge from it to here somehow. That and a system to support the content producers would make this amazing.

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