🔖 Bookmarked: Step 4 - Sending Webmentions using Webmention.app and IFTTT

“We’ve previously enabled our site to receive Webmentions, but what can we do about sending Webmentions to other sites? Much like we use Webmention.io to handle receiving Webmentions, we’re going to use Webmention.app to handle the sending. And the best bit is, we don’t need to make any modifications to our site!”

I’ve added a new article to TextPattern which covers integrating with Remy’s new Webmention.app service to enable sending of Webmentions for sites which don’t have that capability natively.

3 thoughts on “Sending Webmentions using Webmention.app and IFTTT

  1. @kaa As far as I know, micro.blog already implements Webmention. My wordpress blog receives them when ever someone replies to a post, and I’m pretty sure I can mention a micro.blog post from my site and the user will get a notification.

    If you want to display mentions on posts, I’m not sure what the options would be. Perhaps that might be something that comes in a future theme-related feature?