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  1. @JohnPhilpin Yes, very. “Old School is undocumented and unsupported” but does a GREAT job for Dave. I wish I could go Old School too! As we suspected was the case, Dave said “I got tired of supporting ‘products’ that few if any people use.”

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  2. @JohnPhilpin Well he did create that lovely landing page for 1999 of the people coming down the steps. Isn’t that plenty of sales and marketing for such a brilliant blogging tool? After all, it was free and I liked using it a lot. I wonder whether Andy could install it on a server for me and I could just go over there?

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  3. @JohnPhilpin One thing I don’t like about Dave’s apps is that they use Twitter for identity. But I really like that they’re easy to use and they don’t get more and more complicated as he works on them. Best of all, their use isn’t limited to one particular OS. For an open web I think folks should be able to use any device they want, as long as it gets them onto the web. Does one need a particular kind of device to participate on Twitter or FB? No, I don’t think so, they are easy to use for anyone. Dave’s blogging tools are like that too.

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