Twitter Syndication

I’m still geting used to the ins-and-outs of writing and syndicating content. So far it seems that:

  • If there’s no title, posts the contents of the post, with link to the original if specified
  • If there is a title, that is used as the content of the link
  • @-mentions and tags need to be added into whichever text will use for the tweet. I’d really like it if any tags could be pulled from links marked u-category, as space allows.

Photos tagged with the class u-photo will be attached to the tweet (up to four). I’ve added something to my theme’s functions.php to automatically add this to all photos by default, and I’ll remove it from any I don’t want to share.

Right now, I’m not syndicating by default, and I don’t think I will turn this on either. I like having the control; the only posts I’m likely to want to tweet out are my hobby-related entries.

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