Security Things to Consider When Your Apartment Goes ‘Smart’

Bookmarked Security Things to Consider When Your Apartment Goes ‘Smart’ by Lesley Carhart

“A couple weeks ago, I vented my frustration as an ICS security professional at my apartment building forcibly converting to networked smart locks. My tweets were widely misinterpreted, so I’d like to talk a little bit about privacy and security aspects to consider if (when) the property you rent from decides to go “Smart”. To be abundantly clear, I’m not opposed to Smart Home systems – most of us want to live in Star Trek and these devices are a way to a more convenient future. However, there are right ways and wrong ways to implement them, and many substantive privacy and security questions to ask as we move forward into that future.”

Lesley Carhart (Security Things to Consider When Your Apartment Goes ‘Smart’)

More than once I’ve thought about upgrading our current “smart home” setup beyond just controlling our lights with Alexa. Everytime I’ve thought about it, I come back to the idea that I don’t trust any of these things to work without a glitch or be 100% secure. As a homeowner I can control if or when I deploy any of these devices and take time to secure them as best I can. If you’re renting you might not get the choice, and in the linked article Lesley lays out the issues you’ll want to consider.

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