Grant Richmond: My New Posting Workflow

My New Posting Workflow

“So I have been working away on some new features on my site for quite a while now and it looks like everything is about ready.

Honestly I don’t particularly enjoy writing long-form content, so it is kind of strange that I have really enjoyed working on this new functionality.”

This looks really cool. I’m not a fan of Gutenberg yet (and can’t use it anyway, due to the Post-Kinds plugin), but I do like the idea of a “blocks” editor, and Grant’s implementation looks really nice.

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  1. Just wanted to say that I’m enjoying the stuff you’re sharing on!
    The ‘boots’ quote the other day. A nice contribution to the book quotes sub.
    You mentioned having some difficulty with my scraper getting identified as a
    malicious bot or something—any idea why I might be triggering WordPress in
    that way? I can train it better.

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