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“Hey, thanks for liking my post! I’m not sure why but your response isn’t showing up as a like – only as a note. I’ve glanced at it using Aaron’s XRay tool and it’s showing up as only a note. Looks like using the


within your


isn’t working too nicely 😢😢”

Thanks for letting me know it didn’t come through correctly, and especially thank you for taking a look at what might be wrong. That was very kind of you, and a big help!

Every time I think I have the structure right on the microformats, something comes along to show me I’m not there yet… and it’s nearly always something subtle.

I’ve made a few adjustments, based on your feedback, so if I’ve got things setup correctly this time (and X-Ray implies that I do), then this should come through as a reply, rather than a simple mention.

Thanks again, and good luck with Kopye, Lighthouse, and Fortress!

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  1. That reply came in nicely! It also reminded me that I need to work on a notifications stream for my own Webmentions 😆 Thank you!!

  • Chris McLeod

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