Monday gonna Monday

5:06am — wake up because I had a panic attack in a dream. As in, I dreamt I had a panic attack, without actually having a panic attack.

6:20am — still awake. Alarm goes off. It starts raining.

7:59am — arrive at stop for second bus of the day, due at 8:05am.

8:20am — bus still hasn’t arrived. Grab an alternative, which means I have further to walk to the office. In the rain.

9:10am — printer refuses to print something which needs to be in colour in anything but greyscale.

9:30am — no update from remote team on an application change which should have been finished 3 weeks ago. Write solution in 30 minutes, out of sheer annoyance.

11:32am — realise I’ve left my new workbench out in the rain.

How’s your Monday going?

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